Summer Party! (hope you made it)

This was definitely a night to remember! The 101st Anzac Day party (Its an Australian/New Zealand holiday) was a fantastic time at Shanghai Tattoo. We had a ton of people come out for the DJ’s, BBQ, and beers. Pistonhead supplied the brews, Berlin Bao”an Mentality were playing gypsy/electro/swing mix to keep the party loud, and we can’t forget our friends from The Beef Ness who cooked up some incredible Venezuelan style beef, just look at it, you’ll definitely wish you were there.



We had games too! In spirit of the day we played some Aussie games like 2-up for hours, had a pool tournament inside and drank late into the night out on the terrace. Of course some tattooing took place too though it did not coincide with the drinking! We hope you enjoy the pictures, and we better see you next year!


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2 comments on “Summer Party! (hope you made it)

  1. Dave says:

    Such a Rad party, please keep me updated with your events to come at Shanghai Tattoo. Cheers!

  2. Lion Tattoo says:

    please keep me updated with your events to come at Shanghai Tattoo

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